BI maturity within transitional context

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A study exploring business intelligence maturity that transcends technical aspects of business intelligence, co-authored with T. Lukman, R. Hackney, J. Jaklič, and Z. Irani was published in Special Issue of Information Systems Management journal. The work titled Business Intelligence Maturity: The Economic Transitional Context Within Slovenia tries to elucidate directions for future business intelligence development in firms within transition economy environment. Abstract:

This article proposes a new maturity model with three related dimensions (technological, information quality, and business) and provide its empirical analysis within Slovenian organizations. With the use of K-means clustering, the naturally present maturity groups are identified. This article is an attempt to establish clear directions for further business intelligence development in transition economy settings. The findings hold important implications for commercial enterprise success.

Aleš Popovič

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